Can my next company car be electric?

ev charge points for business Manchester cheshire

In the near future there’s unlikely to be a choice, like it or not we all have to get used to it.

There have been many objections to Electric Cars, some more valid than others, especially when used as a company car, lack of range, too expensive, to like driving a milk float.

We are however entering an era where most of these objections are simply out dated!!  Can anyone seriously suggest a new Tesla which according to reviews in motoring magazines is a serious rival to BMW/Mercedes, the ultimate rep cars, should not be considered a contender for your next company car?

On average electric cars cost more to buy, but take into account fuel costs, service costs, no road tax and best of all no Benefit In Kind tax!!

electric car charge point for business

Electric car range is improving all the time, I would urge anyone to do the calculations, daily mileage, new EV range.  The results might surprise you.

With easy installation of a home charge point by Eco Charge Points and a Work Place Charge Point, which more and more companies are getting on board with, you will massively reduce your dependency on the public network.

Talk to Eco Charge Points today to find out how we can help make an electric car a reality for you.