EV charge points for your home

Many of the home chargers we install are known as ‘smart chargers’, they have their own app and can be linked into your home smart systems. They are a great way to save money, charge your vehicle at the right times making sure that your car has sufficient charge depending on what you have in your diary. Smart charging systems can also be linked in with eco-energy equipment such as solar panels. 

With a charge point at home and a charge point at work electric can become more convenient than petrol or diesel. We aim to make the whole process as straight forward as possible so we’ve highlighted some key information below that you will find useful.

electric vehicle charge points
EV charge point outdoors on driveway

Installed inside or outside

Charge points can be fitted in a garage, porch or on the side of a house. They can also be fitted away from the house on a driveway or stand-alone charging area just so long as there is access to an electric supply.

Our free site survey will let you know what the best type of installation would be. We need to make sure we give you an accurate quote as well as confirming your eligibility for the grant. Unlike some of our competition we don’t believe this can be done effectively with a few pictures. We also enjoy meeting and getting to know our customers!

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For peace of mind

Charging directly from your mains just isn’t safe, we could bore you with the details, but suffice to say it’s banned on safety reasons across most of Europe and charity Electrical Safety First strongly advise against it.

Despite this, Electrical Safety First’s research says 74% of you have charged directly from your mains and worse “daisy chained” with multiple extension leads!!! Please don’t!! Talk to Eco Charge Points UK, stay safe!!

electric car charge points

£500 grant towards your electric charge point

You may have read or heard about different grant schemes available and seen acronyms like OLEV and thought who? what? how?

OLEV is the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, and they process the government grants. The electric vehicle home charge scheme is for charge points fitted at your home, and you can get up to £350 towards the cost of a charging point. When you contact us for a free survey, we’ll explain how it works in more detail.


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