Electric Car Charging Points

Are there enough, if you’re considering buying an electric car, It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself. The answer is, there needs to be more, it’s estimated the UK has just over 9 thousand and it’s gradually increasing, however not as fast as the demand for electric cars.

It’s estimated that the UK will have over 1 million electric cars and vehicles on the road within the next 2 years.  This is why the Government via OLEV the office for low emission vehicles is offering grants for electric car owners to install electric car charging points at home and work place, giving up to £500 towards the cost.

Eco Charge Points offers a free site survey to advise on the best electric car charging point for you, and help with the grant application, you will need a firm quote for the application, from a registered electric car charging point installer.

rolec wall mounted car charge point

For most electric car owners having a charge point at home and the work place will cover thxe vast majority of their needs, and for the longer journeys you can plan a route with the help of zap-Map.

Visit www.ecochargepointsuk.com for more information on electric car charging points.