Installing your charge-point to current regulations

Your electrical charge point needs to be installed to the current electrical regulations

(BS 7671 18th edition)  Our engineers have been trained to understand the current regulations and exceed the technical specifications to undertake amendment 1 of the 18th edition.

This means we will not guess at achieving a correct earth compromising your safety. We will not charge you for installing earth rod after earth rod and leave you with a temporarily safe install.

We keep up to date and install up to date equipment approved by the British safety council to make sure that our installs are correct and electrically safe and comply to the electrical regulations 18th edition.

Why drive a rod into unknown ground where your gas, water, electrical services could be?

Will one earth rod achieve the reading that the regulations specify? It’s doubtful.

Do not guess at electrical safety let Eco Charge Points professionals do it once and correctly.