We’re resuming charge point installs

Installation of electric vehicle charging points in Manchester Cheshire Merseyside Lancashire

Eco Charge Points UK LTD are pleased to announce from this week we will be gradually restarting charge point installations, incorporating all the Government and OLEV guidance.

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines v2.3

These guidelines are put in place to safeguard Customers and employees of ECO CHARGE POINTS UK LTD (ECO) in line with government guidelines.

ECOCHARGE POINTS UK LTD Employees & Representatives will:

  • Before undertaking the appointment, verify with the Customer if anyone within the premises have or are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 and that the Customer is not deemed to be in at-risk category as defined by the government guidelines.
  • Cancel and rearrange the appointment if they have any symptoms or confirmed virus, or if anyone in their household is displaying symptoms.
  • Upon entering the Customers property, sanitise their hands as per government guidelines (using soap and water if available, otherwise with hand sanitiser gel).
  • Maintain a safe distance (2 metres) and will take reasonable measures to minimise the time at the Customers property, for installations and surveys we will request the Customer to remain at least 2 metres apart, where possible in a separate room at all times.
  • Wipe down/clean all equipment before any activity is undertaken.
  • Wipe down/clean all equipment after any activity is undertaken.
  • We will no longer require signatures on OLEV grant forms.


We need our Customers to:

  • Confirm they have not received a letter from HMG stating they are in an at-risk category.
  • Confirm they or anyone within the household are not displaying symptoms of Covid-19 (high fever, persistent dry cough) and they are not currently in a period of isolation.
  • Maintain a safe distance (2 metres).